The Library Board's of Control will meet in regular session in the meeting room at the DeRidder branch (205 S. Washington Ave.) on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017 at 4:30 PM. Pursuant to the “Sunshine Laws” (La R.S. 42:14), all regular meetings of this board, excluding executive sessions, are open to the public.


I. Call to order & Roll call

II. Amendments to agenda

III. Review and approve minutes from previous meetings

IV. Opening of sealed responses to RFP for Architectural Services

V. Public Participation

  1. Emily Shirley & DeRidder Garden Club
  2. ________________

VI. Review and adopt Report of Anticipated Revenues and Expected Expenditures for Fiscal Year 2018

  1. Name Budgetary Committee
  2. Set time & date for public hearing

VII. Review and adopt financial policy changes to meet AUPs

VIII. Director's evaluation (Executive Session)

IX. New / upcoming services

X. Review quarterly reports (financial, statistical, facilities)

XI. Discuss upcoming contract renewals

XII. Any other business

XIII. Adjourn