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Banned Books Week Essay Winner

Banned and Challenged Book Week Essay Winner

Banned and Challenged Books Week is an American Library Association sponsored event to educate the public on books that have previously been banned or challenged in libraries, schools, and other countries. This year, it was held during the week of September 24-30, 2017. This year's Banned Books Week program was the Author’s Chair where students wrote essays expressing their opinion about whether books should be banned or not. Students who wanted to share their essay’s were able to from the author’s chair. We want to share our winner’s essay with you. Although our essay winner wished to remain anonymous, she granted permission to publish her work.

Books that Should or Should Not Be Banned

I think these books shouldn’t be banned like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? That shouldn’t be banned because it is a children’s book and that the animals have to talk so kids can enjoy it and like it. For Winnie–the–Pooh’s ABC that should not be banned because it could teach kids their ABC’s and they will enjoy it. Harry Potter, I like watching the movies so I don’t know why it’s banned because the powers are cool.

Their are some books that are banned like for fighting and language. For kids they might not know it has bad language and they might tell their parents. That’s how books could get banned. Sometimes I read books and think some books shouldn’t be banned because I like certain books with drama but not bad drama.

We thank all students who participated in the Author’s Chair program during Banned and Challenged Books Week. The Beauregard Parish Library’s policy is that we do not ban books, we provide materials and allow our patrons the freedom to choose whether they read it or not. Enjoy reading!

Posted Friday October 6, 2017 09:01am

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