Check out one of the new books we added to the Library collection last week.

To Siri With Love: A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and the Kindness of Machines by Judith Newman. In this touching book, the author shares stories from her life as the mother of a thirteen-year-old autistic son. She tells of the challenges she has faced with her son, but also how he has helped her see the world differently. She shares how her son formed an unusual bond with Siri, the automated voice from her iPhone. This bond helped him develop skills that opened the door to communication with the rest of the world. He will always have difficulty relating to others and has many habits that create problems for his family, but the author shows that it is possible to find a great deal of joy in this unique person.

This book would be especially helpful and enjoyable for people who have an autistic child in their lives, but everyone will benefit from the author’s experiences with her special son. Her sense of humor is evident in the way she describes some of her son’s most unusual behaviors, such as insisting on removing all of his clothes when eating and meowing at strange women. But she also shares the painful parts, such as being told to medicate her son when he was only six and spending a fortune on a behaviorist to help with toilet training. In the words of one reviewer, “the stories in To Siri with Love open our eyes to the magic and challenges of a life beyond the ordinary.”