The Beauregard Parish Library Board of Control will meet at 205 S. Washington St., DeRidder, La 70634 at 4:30 PM on Wednesday, Aug 2, 2017. Except as otherwise noted, this meeting is open to the public pursuant to LA. R.S. 42:14.


I. Call to order & Roll call

II. Review & approve minutes of May board meeting & July committee meeting

III. Public participation, if any

IV. Review standard reports

V. Discuss East Beau project next steps

VI. Auditor

  1. Review auditor's FY 2016 report
  2. Discuss Legislative Auditor's required changes for FY 2017 & beyond

VII. Pay scale committee

  1. Review, discuss, and approve proposed pay scale changes for FY 2018 & beyond

VIII. Executive (closed) session : Director's evaluation

IX. Upcoming events

  1. Advocacy training for trustees

  2. LSW Annual Author Dinner

X. Any other business

  1. Hear from Tranquil Crosby re: June 2017 national conference

XI. Adjourn