Computers have invaded every part of modern life, and the library is no different. The library has a number of computers available for patrons and guests to use, and even some to check out.

Each branch has desktop computers available to sit down and work out. These are somewhat more powerful than the others the library has, with nice large monitors to see your work clearly. There is, however, a two hour limit if the library lab is full and there are patrons waiting for a lab computer.

The DeRidder branch also has a number of laptops for check-out and use in-house, allowing patrons to go to one of the quiet rooms, or into the juvenile or children's area so parents can work while their children read and play.

Also, each branch has one or more B-TOP laptops, originally obtained as part of a state library program, that may be checked out under certain conditions. These B-TOP laptops can be taken home and used. However, anything to be saved must be saved on a CD or USB key, as they will reset themselves and erase anything left on them when turned off, as a virus protection measure. Ask the branch clerks for more information on the B-TOP laptop program.

And finally, if a patron or guest wants to bring their own laptop, tablet, or smart phone and connect to our WiFi, that's perfectly fine as well! There are even outlets available scattered throughout the library branches to plug in and keep them charged.

And of course, if you can't find what you need on the Internet, ask one of our staff. They may be able to help you find it in one of those crazy old-fashioned things called "a book".