Free Wonder Woman Music

The original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, celebrates a birthday this month and Freegal (the free music website) has some music by Lynda and also from the new Wonder Woman movie as well as the original TV show. Did you play Wonder Woman growing up? Ever rope your friends with your "lasso of truth"? I did. I also jumped over hedges from a brick wall. Just like Wonder Woman.

Actress, singer/songwriter, and activist, Lynda Carter has a few albums on Freegal. For songs with a country flavor such as “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (originally sung by Queen) try the album Crazy Little Things. For some smooth jazz and blues try At Last. And an album from back in the day, Portrait with Billy Joel’s “She’s Always A Woman” , the folksy 70’s feel of “Tumbledown Love”, the Island Style of “Just One Look”, and “Toto (Don’t It Feel Like Paradise)” which she sang on the third season of Wonder Woman.

From the new Wonder Woman movie, Freegal has “Wonder Woman’s Main Theme”, “Wonder Woman’s Wrath”, and “Angel on the Wing” performed by L’Orchestra Cinematique.

Freegal also has Tina Guo who is known for her cello/electric cello playing. Hear her play her powerfully charged version of the “Wonder Woman Theme”.

And finally, Freegal has the TV show theme with lyrics by Norman Gimble and music by Charles Fox found on: Wonder Woman: Theme From the ABC Television Series sung by Katie Campbell and Dustin Robinson. Or by the Bel Air Movie Studio Orchestra on Super Heroes. Or try the instrumental version from Bob Thomas found on Love Movies.

Don’t forget you get 5 free downloads weekly (they expire midnight Sundays) and 3 free hours of daily streaming music (commercial-free).

The library also has a Wonder Woman comic: Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth. And also a book called The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore in which you can read abut the creator of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston who invented the lie detector test and had early feminist movement influences. And the library has an animated Wonder Woman movie. Also on a free e-book on Overdrive, you can read the official movie noveliztion of the new Wonder Woman movie.