We are in the heart of vacation season and many people are planning long car trips. One of the best ways to make the miles fly by is to pop a book on CD into your car’s player and listen to a good story. This week we received a few thrillers sure to make your trip an exciting one. (Just be sure you don’t get too lost in the story to keep your mind on safe driving!)

Check out Murder Games by James Patterson and Howard Roughan. Dr. Dylan Reinhart is a renowned author and expert on the subject of criminal behavior. When a copy of his book and a threatening message turn up at a gruesome murder scene, it seems that someone has been taking notes. The killer also left a playing card by the body, which ties him to other murders. NYPD Detective Elizabeth Needham recruits Dylan to help her find this killer, now known as “The Dealer”. With the city in a panic, Dylan must get inside the mind of the criminal. But after thinking like a criminal could Dylan actually become one?

If you like some humor with your suspense, check out Dangerous Minds by Janet Evanovich. This is the second book in the Knight and Moon series featuring the brilliant, eccentric, and wealthy Emerson Knight and his assistant/babysitter Riley Moon. This time they are attempting to locate an island that has mysteriously disappeared. Its owner wants it back and hires our heroes to figure out what has happened. Their investigation leads to a dark and sinister secret that is being guarded by the National Park Service. Along with Emerson’s cousin Vernon, this unusual trio embarks on a worldwide adventure that will expose a conspiracy one hundred years in the making.

These and many other books on CD are available for you to check out. Happy listening!