Every month the library receives several “Love Inspired” paperbacks from the leading publisher of romance novels, Harlequin. These books are wholesome, inspirational romance stories that generally do not have strong language or explicit scenes. There is a message of faith along with the love story. Check out a couple of the titles we received this week.

From the “Love Inspired Historical Romance” collection, try Taking on Twins by Mollie Campbell. New doctor Jake Hadley returns to his frontier hometown to establish his medical practice. But caring for orphaned toddler twins was not part of his plan. He would be lost without the help of Coralee Evans, his former sweetheart and now the widow of his best friend. Seeing Coralee with the children makes Jake wish for a second chance with her, but then he is faced with a choice – Coralee or his career.

If you prefer a more contemporary story with more excitement check out Lancaster County Reckoning by Kit Wilkinson from the “Love Inspired Suspense” line. Darcy Simmons thought her father was dead, but it turns out he is alive and in a coma. The men who attacked him are now after Darcy to produce what he was hiding. But Darcy has no clue what this might be. She has not spoken to her father in the twenty years since he entered the witness protection program and became Amish. Now she must depend on her father’s neighbor and friend, Thomas Nolt, an Amish farmer. Thomas has no idea about his friend’s past, but is determined to protect Darcy any way he can. With men willing to kill for whatever her father was hiding, Darcy and Thomas must find answers before their time runs out.