In the menu of choices at left between Calendar of Events and Request Meeting Room use is a button that reads My Account. It can be confusing when there are many accounts in different places all over the internet, but what does that mean to you as a Beauregard Parish Library patron?

You can use My Account to log into your personal library account and see what items are checked out, what items might be on hold, if you owe fines, etc. Unfortunately, you can't pay your fines online yet, but we have a few other useful things you can do with My Account.

You can make hold requests for items that are in the catalog. If you're looking for the latest blockbuster DVD release, you can put your own hold and even tell us where you want to pick it up.

You can renew your items if you're not done using them. Items can only be renewed one time, and they won't automatically renew if there is another Patron's request on them (example: blockbuster DVDs). Otherwise, renewals work just fine through My Account.

If you want to use My Account, you must have an electronic services username and password from Beauregard Parish Library. You can apply for that in person at the public services desk of any of our branches. Make sure to bring your current picture ID with you. Once you have that, you can log into your account with either your new user name OR your library card number and then your secret password. Happy account management!