Remembering Adam West

Adam West, fondly remembered as the caped crusader in Batman in the 1960’s has died at age 88. Adam will be missed by his many fans. He played parts on many other TV shows such as Bewitched. You can watch him in the episode “Love is Blind” from season 1 (found at the library). Or on Perry Mason (also found at the library) in “The Case of the Barefaced Witness” (season 4, vol.2) and in “The Case of the Bogus Books” (season 6, vol.1) .

But if you would like to see Adam West in all his Batman glory, cape and batcowl, the library has Batman Season 2, Part 1. Enjoy the Dynamic Duo (Batman & Robin) in vivid color.

And Freegal, the free music website paid for by your library has some Batman music for you.

The original Batman theme song from the TV show, entitled “Batman Theme” from Hawaii Five O: the 20 Greatest TV Themes of All time.

And from the man who wrote the theme song, Neal Hefti, we have more Batman music such as: “Batman Theme” (a different version) and these others: “The Batusi”, “Evil Plot to Blow Up Batman”, “Just a simple Millionaire”, “My Fine Feathered Finks”, “Mr. Freeze”, “Batman Chase”, “Gotham City Municipal Swing Band”, “Robin’s Egg Blues”, “Honorable Batman”, “Mother Gotham”, “King Tut’s Tomb”, “Sewer Lady”, “Eivol Ekdol, The Albanian Genius”, and “The Mafista”, from Batman Theme & Other Bat Songs by Neal Hefti & His Orchestra and Chorus.

Use your 5 free downloads (weekly) or your 3 free hours of commercial-free streaming music (daily) to enjoy some Batmusic or anything you like.

Well, we’ll see you next week. Same Bat Music Minute. Same Bat website.