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♬The Music Minute♬

Free Moog Music

What is a Moog (pronounced Mogue) you ask? It’s an early synthesizer from the mid 1960’s named after it’s creator Robert Moog (with the help of Herb Deutsch). At the time, it was very innovative because it gave musicians and composers new and exciting sounds to perform and create. They could make electronic sounds, real instrument sounds, or something in-between. But you must program it. By connecting a series of jacks and patch chords you could change and create sounds by manipulating sound waves. And it was small enough to be portable so musicians could take it to concerts and into the studios. The Moog could be heard in movies and on television shows such as The Partridge Family.

The Moog has a bit of a cult following with a Moogfest held annually in May. There is also the Bog Moog Foundation which strives to inspire creativity through Dr. Bob’s Sound School where children are taught about electronics and sound physics.

The Music Minute would like to honor Robert (Bob) Moog’s May birthday by highlighting the many albums featuring the Moog synthesizer. You can use your 5 free weekly downloads and/or 3 free daily hours of streaming music listening, all from Freegal, the free and legal website.

  • Moog Power by Hugo Montenegro featuring “MacArthur Park”, “Moog Power” and “Dizzy”
  • Music to Moog By: “Pop Corn”, Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”, “Hey Hey”
  • Moog Groove: “Atlantis”, “Windmills of Your Mind”
  • Country Moog: “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”, “Orange Blossom Special”, “Yakety Moog”, “Wildwood Flower”
  • Bach to Moog: “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor”
  • Romantic Moog: “Somewhere My Love”
  • Moog Espana: “Spanish Flea”
  • Claude Denjean’s Moog!: “Sugar, Sugar”, “Na, Na, Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”

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    Posted Monday May 22, 2017 06:00am

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