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This week we received a new book that can help readers know what to say and do when someone they care about is hurting. When a friend or loved one is going through a difficult time, we often want to help, but are afraid of saying the wrong thing and making the situation worse. The book There is no Good Card for This: What To Say and Do When Life is Scary, Awful, and Unfair to the People You Love by Kelsey Crowe and Emily McDowell can help.

Dr. Kelsey Crowe is an empathy expert, while Emily McDowell is a greeting card creator, whose Empathy Cards have become very popular. They team up to help readers feel confident when dealing with people experiencing grief, illness or any other difficult situation. They use exercises, sample dialogs and real-life situations to illustrate the tools of effective compassion that lead to being able to connect with a hurting friend and be the person who is able to actually help make the situation better.

So whether it is a friend who has lost a loved one, a neighbor whose family member has been in an accident, a relative who is unemployed, or someone dealing with a serious illness, this book can help you go from someone who cares and wants to do something, to someone who can confidently and compassionately help.

Posted Saturday January 28, 2017 02:00pm

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