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WayBack Wednesday - Memories of MEL

Way back when, before the Internet was so much a part of the every day, the Beauregard Parish Library was searching for a way to bring the Internet to those who did not have it. One of the ways the Library did that was with this:

The MEL - Mobile Electronic Library - was a van custom fitted with stations where laptops networked together could access the Library's Internet service through various options. Groups could request it for training, for special activities, or other needs. From time to time, it went to the various branches of the Library to provide extra computers for their use.

The MEL has served its purpose, and has since been retired. It provided many people chances to get started at the Beauregard Parish Fair for several years, had classes taught on it at various camps and businesses, and even was pressed into service during Hurricane Rita to provide coordination and access to emergency and recovery personnel. We'll always remember it fondly.

More information about MEL and it's primary operator, Stormie Barrett, can be found here and here.

Posted Wednesday August 24, 2016 09:00am

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