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This week we received a new book that will be helpful for parents who are concerned about raising children who are empathetic and kind to others. Research suggests that teens today are 40 percent less empathetic than those 30 years ago. The author of UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World explains why this is and what parents can do to help.

Michelle Borba is an internationally renowned educational psychologist and an expert in parenting, bullying, and character development. She calls the epidemic of a lack of empathy and self-absorption found in today’s youth the Selfie Syndrome. She says it is dangerous because it hurts kids’ academic performance and leads to bullying. It also hampers the development of the skills needed to collaborate and problem solve that are necessary to succeed in the world.

She says that the good news is that empathy is a trait that can be taught and nurtured. She gives parents a blueprint to raise successful, happy kids who are also kind, moral, courageous and resilient. She shows how to shift their focus from strictly themselves to including the needs of others in their thoughts and actions. This allows them to be the type of person who is able to make a positive impact on the world and be successful and happy at the same time.

Check out this book and our many other parenting resources in the non-fiction section of the library.

Posted Saturday August 20, 2016 02:00pm

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