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This is the time of year when many of us start to think about filing our tax returns. This can be a difficult and confusing endeavor. While library staff members are not able to answer tax questions or offer any advice, we do have some resources that can help.

Every year we purchase the EY Tax Guide and the latest edition arrived this week. Prepared by the tax professionals at Ernst & Young, this book is considered to be one of the best and most comprehensive guides available. It is completely updated for this year’s federal tax laws and changes. It includes sections on avoiding the most common errors, the most frequently missed deductions, and an individual tax organizer designed to make the whole process easier. It helps you decide which form to use and then walks you through each step of the process. Each step includes easy to understand explanations and alerts to make sure you are not missing anything that could be important. It even includes guidance on how to handle special cases and unusual scenarios.

Posted Thursday January 14, 2016 09:00am

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