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Using the Advanced Search to search by Subject:

Searching by Subject: Need to get that report on tree frogs done? Or looking for some new cooking tips and recipes? When you need materials on a specific subject it is a good idea to search by subject on the Advanced Search screen. Once at the Advanced Search screen you will use the middle column drop down menus and select subject.

Searching by subject will often provide you with a narrow set of relevant search results. The subject search uses a specific, controlled vocabulary (subject "headings") for describing library materials. The subject headings are set by the Library of Congress and they use specific terms to describe a subject. For example: You would want to use the term "cookery" instead of "cookbooks" or "cooking". For a full listing of the Library of Congress Subject Headings view this link: Library of Congress Subject Headings. Remember, you can always ask a librarian for help if you need some assistance searching the catalog!

What happens if you don't receive enough results when searching by subject? Stay tuned next week for tips on searching by keyword, which will often give you a wider search field with more results.

Posted Friday September 19, 2014 09:00am

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