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Tech Tips

In this Week's Tech Tip, I would like to remind everyone about keeping their computers clean. Just like anything else in life if you want to keep your computer in good working order then it needs to be cleaned! On a semi- regular basis, cleaning the screen with a soft cloth and blowing out the computer fan with a can of compressed air can go a surprising distance to improving your computing experience.
Cans of compressed air can be purchased from local retailers (Walmart, Stine, et. al.) for just a few dollars. One can should go a long way if you are not using it regularly. Also, remember that if you are going to use a cleaning solution on your computer monitor ALWAYS spray the solution onto a soft cloth and never onto the monitor itself. Liquid can seep in and damage or destroy the monitor if applied directly.
As long as you remember these simple hints, your computer should stay clean and in good working order until you are bitten by a hardware failure (and that's a Tech Tip for another time).

Posted Tuesday October 29, 2013 01:15pm

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