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Tech tips

This week our Tech Tip will be less of a tip and more of a reminder. We do not have Microsoft Office on the computers in our lab, but we do have something just as good. It is called LibreOffice and it can do everything that Word can do. Need to write a resume? It can do that. Have to create a new spreadsheet? It can do that too. Basically anything you would need to use Word or Excel for you can do it here with LibreOffice.

One or two more things about LibreOffice. If you create a document with tables it might not display correctly in Word. You can manually twiddle the tables and get them back to normal. But I have yet to mention the best thing about LibreOffice. It is completely free! That means that if you don't want to splash the cash for the pricey Microsoft Office suite of products, you can download LibreOffice from the internet free of charge!

I hope this Tech Tip gives you some ideas about things you can do at the library, and maybe even saves you a few dollars too!

Posted Tuesday October 22, 2013 11:15am

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